Welcome to the SilverTron Store

Thanks so much for visiting the home of the SilverTron Elite colloidal silver generator. The SilverTron Elite is the most sophisticated and easiest to use colloidal silver generator in the world.

The products in this store were created to fill the needs of people wishing to make quality colloidal silver products for home use, and to bring science to the art of making these products. The designer of the SilverTron products is a physicist with decades of experience in the fields of process control, electrochemistry, and electronics. The SilverTron colloidal silver generators are built to last, and offer the ability to make perfect colloidal silver time after time.


I became interested in colloids many years ago because of several health issues I was having. I quickly learned that most of the so called information about colloidal gold and colloidal silver published on the internet was wrong, and that most of the colloidal silver generators available on the market claiming to make colloidal silver did not make colloidal silver at all, but made ionic silver. Further, I quickly found that putting silver wires in a glass of water and connecting them to 9 volt batteries was completely wrong and didn’t actually make colloidal silver.

Then, over ten years ago in 2008, I started the colloidal silver forum to help dispel all the mis-information and dis-information about colloidal silver that is spread all over the internet. Being a retired scientist/engineer with a decade of experience in electrochemistry; I decided to provide a science based site which would teach people what is true and what is false about colloidal silver, while providing a platform for helping others. Because of my workload, I have turned over the running of the Colloidal Silver Forum to a colleague.

As I built my own colloidal silver generator equipment based on well known scientific principles, I demonstrated my machines to the forum members. It wasn’t long before the forum members started asking if I would build them similar colloidal silver generators so that they could achieve my results. As a result, the SilverTron colloidal silver generators and the SilverTron Store were born.

I have striven to produce the highest quality, easiest to use, and most sophisticated colloidal silver generators on the market. The SilverTron Elite and SilverTron Jr (Jr. is discontinued) are the culmination of that effort.

Colloidal silver is indeed a miracle substance, but only when it is made correctly.