Why Additives?

I have frequently been asked why I recommend additives. The reason is simple: It makes better colloidal silver.

The additives I recommend are food products. That alone guarantees that there is nothing toxic in the product. But beyond that, these common food products allow much higher ppm to be made without the problems of the silver particles growing bigger and even falling out of the water.

Then there is the matter of maintaining purity. Even if you have the most pure colloidal silver in the world, it is no longer pure once it enters your body. The moment your silver passes your lips, it encounters a wide range of chemicals that your body produces.

So it is not a matter of whether additives are used, but a matter of whether the additives are in themselves toxic or harmful. For this reason, only foods and food additives are recommended.

For instance, proteins in silver have acquired a bad name, totally without reason. This came about because there was a silver product on the market called ‘Mild Silver Protein’. This product was not in any way colloidal silver. It was very high strength silver oxide made by mixing gelatin with silver nitrate and lye. It caused a lot of cases of argyria when it was popular. Certainly protein in itself is not harmful, and if used in colloidal silver allows the silver to made very high strength without the silver particles agglomerating into large ineffective sizes. The correct protein also protects the silver products from being attacked by stomach acid.

Another product which I get questioned about is washing soda (sodium carbonate), as ‘Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda’ found in the laundry aisle of the grocery store. This is a mined mineral and is very pure. It is also what baking soda is made from. Everyone has consumed a lot of washing soda without ever realizing it. Washing soda is an approved food additive used to adjust the pH of the food.  Washing soda is the result of heating baking soda, so every slice of cake or other baked goods contains it. You can easily convert baking soda back into washing soda simply by heating it in the home oven. So there is no reason not to use washing soda. It provides many benefits when making colloidal silver.

Other additives which can also be used in colloidal silver production are glucose, maltose, maltodextrin, honey, cinnamon extract, etc. These are all harmless foodstuffs and there is no reason not to use them in order to make a better product.

All of the real lab research which shows the effectiveness of colloidal silver was made with additives!