The SilverTron Elite Colloidal Silver Generator

ST-EliteV2The SilverTron Elite is designed to be the most sophisticated and easiest to use colloidal silver generator made today.  It features an LCD touch-screen which is used to select the various parameters for the process.  Settable parameters are current, ppm, and water volume.  With these three parameters, the SilverTron Elite can manage the process and know when it it finished.  A fourth setting controls the end of run audible signal.  Since maximum usable current depends on the size of the silver anode, having adjustable current allows the unit to be used with a wide range of electrode sizes while maintaining the same quality colloidal silver product.  Settings are stored in the microprocessors solid state disk drive to make repeated setups easier.  Process batches can be interrupted, and then restarted where they left off using the Suspend function, even after being powered off.

This unit is also FAST.  It takes a mere 20 minutes to process 1 quart of 20 ppm colloidal silver when the SilverTron Elite is run at 15 mA current.  When run at 3 mA, the process time for a quart is 100 minutes.

The software in the SilverTron Elite continually measures current, voltage, amount of silver dispensed to the water, and stops the process when the desired ppm has been achieved.  Its unique design counts the electrons which flow from cathode to anode, as each electron releases one and only one atom of silver. This method allows superior accuracy without relying on timing and constant current. When the desired ppm has been achieved, the SilverTron Elite turns off the power to the electrodes and signals the user by an audible beep.

The electronics design is based on the Atmel microprocessor which performs the measurements, calculus and mathematical functions of the process control as well as displaying graphic information and monitoring the touchscreen.


  • 9 Volt DC output power supply adapter, 110 to 220 volts AC input.
  • Current draw 300ma
  • 1 Cup to 1 Gallon Batch Size
  • 250ml to 4 Liter Batch Size
  • Output Voltage up to 28 volts nominal
  • Output Current 1 to 15 mA, adjustable
  • PPM setting 20 to 320 ppm
  • Can make either ionic or colloidal silver.


Making high ppm colloidal silver requires a hot plate, preferably with a magnetic stirrer.
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