Colloidal Silver Generators

Colloidal silver generators come in many styles and designs.  However they are not all designed with scientific principles and most do not make true colloidal silver.  They make silver oxide, which is what is associated with argyria, the blue discoloration of the skin which occurs over time when consumed.

To make colloidal silver reliably and repeatably, a colloidal silver generator must be based on constant current and strict timing, or must count the electrons passing through the solution.  The latter requires an on-board computing system.

Another problem with many is that they are made to sit on top of the flask.  While this may look convenient, it makes it impossible to do hot processing, which is necessary for making colloidal silver much above 20 ppm.  The heat and water vapor would eventually destroy the electronics.

SilverTron colloidal silver generators are designed to eliminate these problems.  The SilverTron Elite model is computer controlled with an on-board processor and LCD touchscreen. The SilverTron Jr. has a constant current system which allows for precise timing of the process. Both models use electrode leads to connect to the electrodes so the units do not sit on top of the flask, allowing them to be used with heated water.

Either model makes perfect colloidal silver repeatedly and quickly.