SilverTron Jr Colloidal Silver Generator

ST-JR Colloidal Silver GeneratorThe SilverTron Jr. is a manual colloidal silver generator.  This means that once it is setup and the process started, it must be timed accurately to ensure that the resulting product has exactly the ppm that the user wishes to make.  Timing depends on which speed setting is in use, what desired ppm strength, and how much water is being processed. Time is calculated from a simple formula, or from the supplied chart.

SilverTron Jr can make any amount, and strengths up to 320 ppm and can use many different sizes of silver electrodes.

Setup with the SilverTron Jr. is easy with its built in voltmeter.  The setup consists of raising or lowering the negative electrode in the water to obtain a meter reading between 10 and 20 volts.  This takes only a moment, and then the process is timed.  When the required time has elapsed, the electrodes are lifted out of the water, and the power is disconnected from the unit.

On the high speed setting, the SilverTron Jr colloidal silver generator makes 1 quart in 24 minutes, and 1 quart in 1 hour and 36 minutes on the low speed setting.

  • 9 Volt DC output power supply adapter, 110 to 220 volts AC input.
  • Can be powered by 6 volt lantern battery, or 12 volt car battery.
  • Batch Size no limit
  • Output Voltage up to 28 volts nominal
  • Regulated Output Current 3 mA (low speed) or 12 mA (high speed), switch settable
  • PPM Determined by process time
  • Can make either ionic or colloidal silver.

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